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Samsung Wireless Enterprise meets the challenges of the modern, flexible workplace by providing a secure wireless infrastructure capable of supporting today’s more collaborative and mobile work forces.

Samsung Wireless LAN is an enterprise grade solution, developed from the ground up to address the needs of the new mobile generation. Offering best-in-class performance, ease of installation and network management.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, demands on the WLAN are growing more complex due to the number of separate devices competing for service on the move.The Samsung WLAN solution incorporates the latest LTE mobile communication technology to address the specific needs of voice and video without impacting data throughput. Seamless automatic handover when moving between Access Points (APs) removes the burden on devices and risk of disruption while application of Crystal HD Voice ensures the best possible speech quality and wireless service regardless of the type or number of devices in use.The Samsung Wireless Enterprise solution goes beyond just satisfying user expectations. The SamsungAP delivers on design as well asperformance. Using multiantenna technology the typical range is increased by 14% whilst coverage,speech quality and data errors are improved by 30%. In addition, the superior power of the AP affects the devices connected to it, minimising their own power consumption for longer battery life, and increases the number of concurrent users per AP by up to 50%.


Mobile devices are increasingly at the centre of business communications and the need for an enterprise strategy for mobile deployment is more important than ever.

The Samsung Wireless Enterprise addresses this problem through an innovative combination of smart devices, security frameworks, wireless infrastructure, voice over wireless LAN and mobile unified communications.It brings together all these components to deliver true mobile unified communications for the enterprise sot hat users can move around freely and stay permanently connected to their collaborative processes.

Samsung Wireless Enterprise leverages Samsung’s expertise in LTE mobile technology to maintain high quality voice, video and data communications in enterprises with flexible and collaborative workspaces and a large number of mobile employees.

Why Samsung?

With unrivalled expertise in consumer electronics, business
communications and networking, Samsung is uniquely placed to
address the challenges of the wireless enterprise.

The growing consumerisation of IT creates huge expectations on IT professionals to respond to user demand whilst delivering network services in a secure and reliable manner.

Samsung is the natural choice to meet these demands, thanks to our wide variety of smartphones and tablet devices backed up with a security and management ecosystem, plus extensive experience in network infrastructure and unified communication solutions.

By leveraging our substantial R&D investment in LTE/4G, Samsung has been able to enhance the Wireless LAN to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce.

The Samsung solution supports a much higher density of devices roaming within and between public and private wireless networks with zero interruption of service.

The combination of these factors makes Samsung uniquely placed to deliver a full range of mobile solutions that address the current and future needs of the enterprise.