Here at Abbey Telecom we want to make sure your phone system is as secure as possible.

Telephony fraud is an on-going threat but there are preventative measures. The most common way people carry out telephony fraud is through a systems voicemail. In order to protect yourself against this we have created a document explaining how you can make sure your telephone system is as secure as possible.

This short guide has been produced to help you understand the threat and make you aware of the possibility of being targeted by fraudsters, who want nothing more than to break into your system remotely and use your telephone lines for illegal activities and to resell low-cost telephone calls.

If you would like to speak in more detail about making sure your system is secure then please call 01254 272000 and speak to Abbey Telecom about your systems current security configuration.

If you would like to read the voicemail security document then please download it here.

UPDATE – 9th April 2018

If you are planning to close during the bank holiday period follow these measures to protect yourself:

  • Restrict destinations that would not normally be dialled (e.g. premium rate/international).
  • Review available call logging and call reporting options.
  • Regularly monitor for increased or suspect call traffic.
  • Ensure that it is not possible to access voicemail systems from outside lines.
  • Make sure that default passwords (e.g. 0000, 1234, 1111) are changed to something more secure.
  • If outside access to a voicemail system is essential, make sure that suitable restrictions are put in place.
  • Ensure interactive voice responses and auto attendant options for accessing outside lines are removed.
  • Ensure that old phone systems have the DISA function completely disabled.
  • Remember that if telephone systems are networked, it is possible for fraudsters to break out from one site to another via this route.
  • Secure your telephone system If you don’t need the function, close it down

We also have this security document for you to read. If you are in any doubt about your security set up then please contact Abbey Telecom on 01254 272000.