First Class Telephone Systems Maintenance

  • Platinum Accredited by Samsung – Your Abbey Telecom engineer is fully trained by the telephone systems manufacturer itself. This means that you benefit from unbeatable product knowledge and level of sophistication including IVR, Cti and VoIP, as well as safe and secure system installation.
  • Call out times – An unrivaled service response. Abbey Telecom’s telephone systems maintenance processes are audited annually on your behalf by Samsung’s audit team. They guarantee that you receive the best SLA promptness available for mission critical sites in industries such as healthcare.
  • All parts stocked – With annual manufacturer verification, even delisted components are held in our stockroom for your use in the event of equipment failure. So recovery is much quicker because you won’t have to wait for your telephone systems maintenance team to source an essential component.
  • Monthly payment options – We can help you ease your cash-flow with the option to pay your telephone systems maintenance contract monthly rather annually in advance. With a longer term contract commitment of either 3 or 5 yrs instead of a standard 12 month agreement, you benefit from a 10% or 20% discount respectively, as well as building a trusted business relationship.
  • Transparent pricing – Abbey telecom is hard to beat on pricing: 20 per keyphone, 10 each for analogue extensions and 10% of additional cards. You will not be charged for the box itself as this is inclusive in our number of devices figure. And just take a look at our Simplicity lines and minutes offer. We challenge you to find a better deal!
  • Remote diagnostics – All of the telephone system kit shipped in recent years is IP enabled so can frequently be fixed remotely and more quickly with our telephone systems maintenance technician dialling in. You will need static-IP and permit secure firewall access to a single port, and you can further enhance your network security by limiting it to our address only.