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Business Lines & Calls

Why would you pay more for lines and calls when you can reduce your annual expenditure with so little effort?

As well as our tried and trusted telephone systems installation and maintenance service Abbey Telecom also offer business lines and calls to allow you to bring all of your telephone services under one umbrella.

Our aim is to make customers telephone usage fit their business better and save them time and money. Deal exclusively with Abbey Telecom and you don’t have to worry which provider to call when you need advice or help.

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Benefits of Simplicity Lines and Minutes

  • No set-up fee per call. Others advertise headline deals but then charge 3-4p for landline and upwards of 7p for mobile calls.
  • No minimum call charge. Many operators get around the ‘set-up fee’ by charging a minimum call charge, usually similar in price to the above set-up fees.
  • All calls billed to 3 decimal places. We only round up at the end of the bill not every call.
  • All inclusive monthly payment options which allow you to spread your costs evenly throughout the year, monitor usage and facilitate your planning.
  • All calls billed by the second. Many operators advertise low headline rates but bill by the minute or 15/30 second increments.

Other Benefits with Abbey Telecom

We decided not to offer ‘free’ call bundles as they rarely work out to be cost effective. Certain operators offer these packages for a monthly fee which typically come with a fair use policy or restrictions on the number and type of calls. When analysing bills, we often find the number of calls made would actually be significantly cheaper if paid for on a per call basis.

All calls answered at our Blackburn head office in. No overseas call centres, and no voicemail or menu systems during business hours (9am to 5:30pm but there is usually someone here from 8:30am).

Sophisticated in-house telephone system means that we will know who you are based on your caller ID when you call, so there’s no messing around with account numbers etc.

The only way to know if you can save money is with an honest analysis of your phone bill. We guarantee that we can show you accurately if you can save money and if we can give you a better deal on your business lines and calls.

So what are you waiting for? Just click here to send your bill to us now!