Reduce Your Phone Bills and Your Phone System Could Pay for Itself

Upgrading your telephone system can be costly.

However, by significantly reducing the cost of their telephone bills, Goodwins were able to save enough money to cover the cost of their new telephone system. Goodwins Paint and Bodyshop has been a family established and run firm since 1917. Providing Paint & Bodyshop Expertise on the Fylde Coast for over 50 years.

By allowing Abbey Telecom to complete a free analysis of their current suppliers bills, Goodwins were able to see the savings that they could make my switching provider.

Moving to SIP lines allowed Goodwins to not only reduce the amount they pay for their calls, but to also reduce the amount they pay for phone lines.

Whilst SIP lines allow customers to pay lower call rates, they do rely on a consistent internet connection with Quality of Service for voice data. Therefore for a lot of companies SIP will not be a good option as they are unable to get a reliable connection in to their building.

However, if you are able to get a reliable connection with a good speed and assured voice then SIP is something you should consider if youre looking to save money.

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