Bootstrap Enterprises employ 140 staff to help Lancashire people to move into work and into business. They understand the importance of having an effective telephone network to connect their six centres as if they were one. Communications technology must work well as both service users and partner agencies need to be able to phone team members wherever they are.

Having entrusted a hosted telephony platform with an Abbey Telecom competitor they found it legally challenging to move to a networked system solution. It is common practice for hosted vendors to set minimum term of contracts to be at least 3 years. This was restrictive when hosted telephony proved to be unsuitable as it caused the organisation to have to tolerate the old solution until contracts lapsed.

The new solution from Abbey Telecom has brought unbeatable disaster recovery should one of the sites ever suffer a line failure. It allows one building to borrow lines from another for business continuity.

Networked telephone systems offer infinite flexibility and customers are not legally contracted to a single supplier for lengthy terms. There are hundreds of maintainers to choose from and customers have the freedom to select their preferred support firm.

As Abbey Telecom are Lancashire based it was a natural choice for Bootstrap Enterprise to focus on supporting the local economy that dovetails with their prime purpose.