You may be aware that fraudulent access to PC Networks and Telephone systems is on the increase with millions of pounds worth of fraud taking place each year. As a Samsung partner we, along with Samsung, feel that it is extremely important that we advise customers of the latest checks to have in place to help prevent being attacked.

The checks you need to make in regards to your Samsung system are:

1. That all web interface browsing to the Samsung Telephone System from any public IP is blocked by the network firewall.

2. That all web interface browsing to the Samsung Voicemail from any public IP is blocked by the network firewall.

If you are unsure about points 1 and 2. You should contact your IT company to confirm that port 443 TCP is not port forwarded to the Telephone System and the system is not within a DMZ, they may wish to charge for their service.

If the IT company are unsure of the requirements then they can call us on 01254 272009 for advice.

The Samsung system can be upgraded to add additional security features.

Indicators of Fraudulent Attempts to Access Your System

1. Unusual Phone Ringing Patterns

a. A system phone that does not normally ring or receive incoming calls, may ring once during daytime hours – indicating that fraudsters are trying random numbers within the system

2. Strange, foreign language or non-business related voicemails and silent calls

a. Often, during fraudsters’ first attempts to dial through your system, they will get the dialling sequence wrong and inadvertently leave messages in random mailboxes. This is a sure sign that your system is being targeted

b. If an abnormal amount of “silent calls” are received, where upon answer there is no response, this can be a sign of the system being targeted

It is important to note again that installing your systems in a NAT environment and behind a well configured and secure Firewall, is always your first line of defence against such threats.