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How many phones with displays do you want?

The display phones are easiest to use, show caller ID and identify which department or company name you should answer in.

How many non-display phones do you want?

The non-display phones are ideal as courtesy phones for reception or for seldom used meeting rooms.

How many door entry phones do you want?

The door entry phones are for front/back doors or gates and improve security whilst letting you answer and release from phones.

How many analogue devices do you have that are not phones?

EG: Fax, credit card machines, payphones, loud bells, franking machines, analogue modems, cordless phones, answering machines.

Will you have a central receptionist for receiving all incoming calls:


How many more Cat5e sockets do you want installing for your PCs?

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CLIInternet accessCTIVoicemailDDIEmailACDISDNDECTADSLVoIPCall Recording

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