Abbey Telecom is pleased to announce that the firm has invested in a direct arrangement with Openreach as a communications provider. This gives Abbey Telecom a great advantage over the majority of telephone line providers, because they order and administer lines and services from Openreach via intermediaries.

One of the key benefits is having portal access to Openreachs engineer diaries. This means that Abbey Telecom can select the earliest appointment dates possible for both faults and extra line provision. Access to this information also allows Abbey Telecom to schedule engineer visits that fit with new telephone system installation dates, streamlining the whole commissioning process.
Another key benefit is the ability to report and check the current status of faults without relying on a third party giving us the information before we can pass it on to the customer, speeding up the fault resolution process.

Investment has been made switching to Abbey Telecom billing and satisfying thorough Openreach checks and creditworthiness. It will make for a streamlined process, particularly in the live reporting of line faults, says operations manager Les Prenton.

Les has a wealth of more than 20 years of experience within the telecoms industry.