JustGiving Our Commitment to Derian House Children’s Hospice

As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, the Abbey Telecom team has adopted Derian House Children's Hospice as our nominated charity. With the charity also celebrating its China anniversary in 2013 year, we are getting involved in both fundraising activity and helping to promote charity events. We have also set up a JustGiving account to [...]

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Turning a Bunch of Bananas Into New Business

An order for around one thousand bananas has resulted in a business deal being struck between two Lancashire businesses. When Ribble Farm Fare took the order for the fruit from local firmAbbey Telecom for its successful ‘hangover relief pack’ given to guests at the BIBAs, the two companies ended up discussing telephone system requirements. Now the fresh food [...]

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RLA adopts new telecoms technology to support landlords

      A countrywide property firm located in Manchester has chosen a Lancashire telecommunications merchant to help deal with a continual duration of speedy business growth. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has experienced a growth of more than 50% in its enrollment in the last two years, now serving more than 17,000 landlords [...]

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Telephone Systems for Small Business

When a new business start up looks for its first telephone system, it typically looks at BT FeatureLine as first port of call. This may be the way forward for a company with up to three staff because there is no need to invest in a small business system under that number. Taking this route [...]

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You’ll Save Yourself Time & Money by Purchasing Your Telephone System Online

Its simple really – operating online reduces costs so buying a telephone system over the internet will be cheaper. For over 13 years now, we at Abbey Telecom have been able to give our customers 25% discounts on recommended retail prices because our overheads are so low.  We were the first in the UK to [...]

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Increase your website traffic using our telephone training videos its free!

Competition in sales is always intense and driving more people to your website is a constant challenge, especially if the site is your platform for selling business customers your training systems. Its all very well throwing resources – time and money – at SEO and advertising activity, and yet this is not a sure fire [...]

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