A Lancashire based business man has been so impressed with one of the 2014 BIBAs finalists that he’s decided to commission their services for a devel
opment project of his own.

Tony Raynor of Abbey Telecom led a group of the awards judges for a site visit and panel interview at Preston based integrated marketing company ICG earlier this summer.

Once the award nominations had all beenmade and with a specific remit in mind, he got back in touch with the company to task them with the job of creating a new marketing campaign for the business telephone systems installer.

“Having interviewed the ICG team for the BIBAs and visited their offices, I was struck by their depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and their energetic and proactive approach” explained Mr Raynor.

“We thought it would be a great idea to spend some time with them and pick their brains to see what new concepts they might have in mind to freshen up and transform our marketing plans.”

After some lively and creative initial discussions, the telecoms company has appointed ICG to help launch its new campaign and update the Abbey Telecom brand identity.

The new campaign will include redesigned e-newsletters, mailshots, and a rather interesting idea involving a banana container and fresh bananas.

Simon Couchman, Creative Director at ICG, said: “Being part of the BIBAs is always a highlight of ICG’s year and gaining such a fantastic new client as a result of it is brilliant. We really enjoyed working on this project with the team at Abbey Telecom and are looking forward to seeing the results over the coming months.”

Mr Raynor adds: “We will be launching some of our new branding ideas in the next few weeks and we’re confident they will create a buzz and be hard to miss!”