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Guernsey targeted by telephone systems fraudsters

Police in Guernsey have alerted companies on the island to be more vigilant after the telephone systems of two separate businesses were accessed by hackers. The fraudsters have exploited loopholes in the installation and programming of the systems which allowed them to make premium rate calls by tapping into the voicemail set ups of their [...]

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Turning a Bunch of Bananas Into New Business

An order for around one thousand bananas has resulted in a business deal being struck between two Lancashire businesses. When Ribble Farm Fare took the order for the fruit from local firm Abbey Telecom for its successful ‘hangover relief packÂ’ given to guests at the BIBAs, the two companies ended up discussing telephone system requirements. Now the fresh food [...]

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Telephone systems for small offices

Some telephone systems for small offices are simply not fit for purpose. The functions and key features of comparatively pricier systems are typically not reflected with phone systems for small offices. Whilst they may prove less costly, they are not that great value in comparison with BEST BUY small office phone systems found within editions [...]

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Is insurance a necessity or can I wing it?

Managing the bank balance is becoming harder than ever: rising bills and consumption of valuable resources put greater pressure on us all. Whether it’s a wealthy overseas regime holding us to ransom on energy, or our own government desperately trying to claw back on the gaping financial deficit, to quote Blackadder, you can still feel [...]

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The much heralded UK launch of Windows 7

So the UK is just witnessing the unveiling of the Windows Mobile Phone 7 handsets. Major suppliers have climbed on board, with T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and Three seeking to make the HTC HD 7, HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 more widely accessible. At a recent news conference in the Big Apple, Microsoft [...]

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Self service shopping is finding its niche

The rise of automated self service shopping facilities has been rapid and now we barely bat an eyelid as a consumer when this time saving and convenient option is presented to us. With DIY shopping in this way, security is a key factor, where many examples like service stations and off licences clearly demonstrate the [...]

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What’s stopping anyone from getting telephone systems in London by e-procurement?

A cursory glance on Google throws up plenty of examples of telephone systems installers who operate via e-procurement. You can immediately see cost reductions and savings of up to 25% with some of these guys, this made possible by the ability to pay web based suppliers in advance which reflects in their competitive sales offerings. [...]

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