Here’s a heart warming tale about a crack team of telephone engineers and a young girl with aspirations to work in telecoms!

One day the engineers pitched up at an office block to install a new telephone system and all the cabling to set up an extended network of lines. The office was next door to where a new family had recently moved, and all the activity piqued the interest of their 5 year old daughter.

At first she would simply hang around and say hello but eventually curiosity got the better of her and she got talking to the workers and asking them what they were up to.

Before long she was taken under their wing as a kind of mascot for the team: they would give her little tasks to do to help out here and there so she could feel involved and important as they went about their work.

Not long afterwards, the engineers presented her with a custom made health and safety helmet and a pair of her very own protective work gloves – she was delighted with the gifts and wore them more or less everywhere! Now she really felt part of the team.

But a further surprise awaited her: at the end of the working week, the engineers called her over and, collectively grinning from ear to ear, handed over an envelope full of coins, a £5 pay packet and the first wages she had ever earned.

She skipped indoors to tell the family and her mum suggested that they would pop down to the local building society and open up a savings account for her.

The branch cashier could barely believe it when she heard the youngster tell the tale of her new found colleagues, wage packet and her apparently encyclopaedic knowledge of Cat5 cables!

“It sounds like you really earned this money”, said the cashier, to which young Georgie proudly replied: “We’re giving the office people a new telephony solution and I’ve been helping Dave, Danny, and Damian to sort it all out!”

“Crikey,” replied the clerk. “So will you be back at work next week too then?”

Now whether the next bit is true we will leave you to decide: the little girl paused, frowned and solemnly declared: “Hopefully yes, as long as those muppets from Samsung pull their fingers out and provide the bloody handsets on time.”