Is insurance a necessity or can I wing it?

Managing the bank balance is becoming harder than ever: rising bills and consumption of valuable resources put greater pressure on us all. Whether itís a wealthy overseas regime holding us to ransom on energy, or our own government desperately trying to claw back on the gaping financial deficit, to quote Blackadder, you can still feel [...]

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The much heralded UK launch of Windows 7

So the UK is just witnessing the unveiling of the Windows Mobile Phone 7 handsets. Major suppliers have climbed on board, with T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and Three seeking to make the HTC HD 7, HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 more widely accessible. At a recent news conference in the Big Apple, Microsoft [...]

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Self service shopping is finding its niche

The rise of automated self service shopping facilities has been rapid and now we barely bat an eyelid as a consumer when this time saving and convenient option is presented to us. With DIY shopping in this way, security is a key factor, where many examples like service stations and off licences clearly demonstrate the [...]

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Whatís stopping anyone from getting telephone systems in London by e-procurement?

A cursory glance on Google throws up plenty of examples of telephone systems installers who operate via e-procurement. You can immediately see cost reductions and savings of up to 25% with some of these guys, this made possible by the ability to pay web based suppliers in advance which reflects in their competitive sales offerings. [...]

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