Watch these telephone videos and raise your glass to that inventor from Scotland!

The end of April 2010 marks the 135th anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell’s successful receipt of his inaugural patent.  This allowed him to put his stamp on the capability to multiplex signals on a single wire. Shortly afterwards in 1876, he secured the patent for an actual telephone and the world of telecommunications took a [...]

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Out goes the Samsung DECT500, in comes the Samsung DECT300

So the Samsung Electronics Network Division stays in line with technological developments and maintains its drive for continually improving its telephone systems with the withdrawal of some products whilst new ones come on stream. The latest victim for removal from the market is the Samsung DECT-500 module (by Kirk).  Now surplus to requirements, its replacement [...]

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**FIRE HAZARD** – the Samsung OfficeServ 7030 is not for stacking!

For any telecom engineer who has the foresight to attend a manufacturer’s certified course on installation of their systems, the instructions for the Samsung OfficeServ 7030 are very straightforward to follow. Unfortunately, some telecoms companies think technical bulletins and product updates do not apply to them and quickly come unstuck when they send their engineers [...]

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