RLA adopts new telecoms technology to support landlords

        A countrywide property firm located in Manchester has chosen a Lancashire telecommunications merchant to help deal with a continual duration of speedy business growth. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has experienced a growth of more than 50% in its enrollment in the last two years, now serving more than 17,000 landlords [...]

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Samsung’s OfficeServs and a remedy for toll fraud

They say that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and this is an apt approach to countering toll fraud which has become an increasingly frequent criminal practice.  Telecoms fraudsters are continually striving to stay ahead of the industry and find ingenious new ways of tapping into telephone systems and hitting companies with scams to [...]

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No need to call – we’ll be in touch

Why do we continue to put up with the hard sell?  We all hear the tales of unscrupulous timeshare agents and their nefarious sales techniques and wring our hands.  We abhor the sales rep whose practice is to entrap the uninitiated and get them to sign on the dotted line for something they really do [...]

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Useful demonstration of phone systems

A cordless facility for phone systems can be beneficial for a business – this short video demonstration shows you how. The ability for a telephone agent to work hands free whilst on the phone makes a huge difference to productivity and multi tasking.  The cordless telephone system is a feature of call centres all over [...]

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What do you know about Samsung’s DCS Euro handsets?

 Early phone systems delivered by Samsung were enhanced by a 12 button handset with the manufacturing part with code number KPDCS-12B. The relevant systems were numerous, from the DCS, DCS-Compact and DCS-Compact-II through to the DCS-ViP, DCS816 and DCS408 options. There are some suppliers out there who still offer this important KPDCS-12B element.  These are [...]

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