BT Strikes Blow to Business

Telephone Systems Users are AnnoyedBusinesses are to suffer huge delays for delivery of phone lines. In recent times the telecoms giant has been pledging to deliver in 6 working days but they have revised this to a 5 week delay.

Worse still ISDN2 and ISDN30 (which are the most popular for use on telephone systems) have moved out to 6 and 8 weeks respectively.

The British telecom embarrassment extends to any shift or socket job requiring a visit by a field based engineer. These now require a 28 day lead-time.

At Abbey Telecom we understand the necessity of telephone systems relocation to industry and where we are not dependant on external network providers we provision engineering requirements to telephone systems within a fortnight. This announcement of Openreach’s extending of deliveries is a devastating blow to companies that usually have a sense of urgency around telephony readiness. Without telecommunications any expansions stall pending the completion by networks.

We can only presume that the decision has been led by short term shareholder gratification. We know that Openreach has been culling headcount as we’ve witnessed a dearth of employment applications from seasoned staff. It is the younger and less experienced employees that are being retained and we believe that this is cost driven. The damage to the PLC’s brand is likely to outweigh the immediate gains.

This notice of inordinate postponement comes at a point when government are promising to tackle planning laws to speed up industrial growth. Disgruntled parties are advised to lobby their MP for OFCOM to confront this and write to;

Ian Livingston
Chief Executive
BT-Group plc,
81 Newgate Street
020 7356 5000

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